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Le groupe Bel lance un appel à innovation dans le but d’explorer toutes les possibilités existantes ou futures en terme d’emballage connecté. 


Bel Group, thanks to its brands (including the core ones: The Laughing Cow, Kiri, Mini Babybel, Leerdammer, and Boursin) is one of the world leader in cheese and healthy snack.
Since 150 years, the Bel Group brands bring smiles to over 400 million consumers annually in around 130 countries around the globe. These smiles, derived from the pleasure of eating food made with dairy goodness, and Bel’s commitment to encouraging good eating habits and good-naturedness, form the common thread between the Group and its brands.
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Project context

Today, Bel Group products are our first media and point of contact with consumers.
Digital devices and penetration are rising very quickly and consumers are more and more active with their smartphone in hands.
We are looking to define and implement the best interactions between our products and our consumers in order to drive consumer experience, increase business and collect data. These interactions rely on 3 components:

  • a strong consumer insight as starter
  • an added value provided by the packaging
  • an experience or amplification thought digital.

    Value proposition for the consumer

    For the consumer, we aim to move from a simple and informative packaging to a packaging that could bring an added-value to them. This added-value can take different forms such as a service, an entertainment moment, an inspiration…


This call for innovation should help us to identify the new opportunities and innovations that could be interesting for Bel Group business by bringing new services or experiences to consumers through our packaging.
Through this project, we aim to explore all the existing or future possibilities in (connected) packaging, where the pack (with a digital device if needed) should be the enabler to answer a key consumer insight.

Technology can be within the packaging (ink that change color depending on temperature or comestible packaging for instance) or in a separate digital device (QR code printed on the pack but needing a smartphone with an app). In this second case, technology should be massive and accessible.

To drive the project, we identified several categories (but the answers can go beyond these categories)
• Printing: how inks or printing methods can become a way to enhance the experience

• Eatable and recyclable: how we can give a second life to our packaging

• Personalization: how we can personalize and customize our packaging

• Technology: how technology (QR codes, NFC chips…) can be an enabler on the pack

• Connectivity: how the packaging can become a connected tool

• Tracking: how to track our products for internal and external use

What Bel Group will bring

• Meeting with teams to better understand Bel Group needs and uses cases and also identify how to work together
• Experimentations / Proof of concept / co-development operations with the most relevant projects


Bel Group industrial process can be sometimes a bit heavy.
In case of POC development, we are looking for start-ups or technologies that could substitute to Bel Group industrial process if needed or at least be able to plug with Bel Group industrial.

Date de Clôture : 10 Mars 2017