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Innovact is the Innovation Branch of Invest in Reims, the Development Agency of Reims and its suburbs which was set up by Reims and the Reims-Epernay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It manages a local network of establishments and partners specialised in the creation, development, and establishment of innovative, new, or existing businesses. This applies to all forms of innovation, from social to technological innovation, in any field of activity.

Innovact aims to be a reference in France and Europe by accompanying the creation of new start-ups, the expansion of existing businesses, whether already innovative or not, in its region, and by managing the local, national, and European innovative entrepreneurship community.

Innovact is a regional economic management and development tool that aims to create high added value jobs.

Innovact provides two key services:

  • Innovact Centre : this is Reims’s Technopole. Its team of 5 accompany innovative projects and start-ups wishing to establish themselves in the region (Reims-Epernay) as well as supporting local SMEs in their development through innovation.
  • Innovact Forum : as part of the events and meetings Innovact organises throughout the year, the "Innovact Centre" now organises the Innovact Forum which is a European Start-up conference. Innovative project developers and start-up owners can find creation, development, and financing partners there. Backed by the Conference on Research and Enterprise of the Champagne-Ardenne Regional Council, this Forum brings together the local, regional, European, and French innovation community.